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Tips and Tricks for Avoiding Seasonal Weight Gain

Holiday season has officially begun. Your co-worker, Brenda, probably has a public candy stash at her desk…and who can overlook the grocery store’s massive display of fun-size treats, tempting you with every festive-shaped piece of chocolate. From pumpkin spice lattes to cinnamon-flavored everything, the temptation is real. 

But, take heed — because we have some tried and true tricks for not packing on the dreaded seasonal weight gain. We offer easy solutions for a few common holiday scenarios that could derail your progress. Keep reading… 


The Problem: Your kid is bringing home copious amounts of candy.

The Solution: Have a “Candy Container” 


If you have kids, then chances are pumpkin-shaped peanut butter cups and other fun-size treats are slowly creeping into your home. When this happens, and it will, establish a “Candy Container.” This can be a bowl, Tupperware — whatever you have on hand. Pick a container that’s relatively small and put the candy in there. Once it’s full, don’t add anymore! Throw the excess in the trash, give it to the neighbor, whatever you have to do to eliminate it from the house. By consolidating your candy stash, you can keep control of the sugar volume in your  home. BONUS TIP: keep your Candy Container out of sight so it doesn’t tempt you all day long!  


The Problem: You’re invited to a holiday party overflowing with temptation

Solution: Bring you own guilt-free dish


Attending a Halloween party? Or maybe a small get together to watch the game? Come prepared with your own healthy dish. Pick something savory — like “healthy home fries” made with sweet potatoes — and come armed with something  you know you won’t feel bad about eating. Drink plenty of water throughout the party to help keep hunger at bay. Or, try eating something healthy before you arrive. An empty stomach often leads to binging on something you’ll regret later! 


The Problem: You can’t resist (insert favorite holiday guilty pleasure) 

The Solution: Allow yourself to indulge — just once!


We all have that one treat we look forward to all season long. Maybe it’s your Great Aunt Bertha’s famous pecan cheesecake. Or, maybe it’s your spouse’s beloved pumpkin pie. Whatever it is, allow yourself to have it! Focus on that coveted holiday treat and cut you a slice! The key here is to make this treat “your one thing.” Throw away the candy corn and don’t touch the kids’ trick or treat bags. They’re not worth it! If you’ve been thinking of that one dish that only comes around once a year, allow yourself to enjoy it. Be snobby about it. It’s the ONLY thing you’ll let your guard down for! 

We hope these tips and tricks helped. As always, if you need more advice, feel free to ask a coach or engage with us on social media. We’re here to help you! 

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