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The Importance of Family Fitness

We’re officially in the thick of holiday season, which means all the family gatherings! This is a time to take stock of our many blessings and remain thankful. As we reflect on this past year at Tally Ho Fitness, it’s hard not to think of all the new families who have come through our doors. From husbands and wives to mothers and daughters, we’ve seen so many families grow stronger together through a mutual bond of fitness. 


Just this past January, we welcomed Kristy Smith Harris, mother of Averie Harris, to the gym. “My daughter had been begging me to go to Crossfit with her,” Kristy shared in a transformation post in early September. “I kept making excuses because I thought I didn’t I have the time or could do it. I didn’t want to be embarrassed. I have never been a workout person.” 


Fast forward a few months and Kristy has become a staple member in a morning classes (and she’s lost more than 50 pounds!) 


We’ve also seen a long list of couples join the gym and get fit together. Even in the midst of raising children and juggling busy schedules, these powerhouse couples find the time to make their health a priority. Cassie Haney, wife of Chris Haney, began her Tally Ho experience while pregnant with her second child. It was during a season, she says, when she knew she needed a drastic change. 


“My husband had been doing CrossFit with Cassie since January 2019 and I thought I’d give it a try but was so nervous. It seemed too much and too intense for me,” Cassie says. “I went with him to a competition and was shocked and amazed at how encouraging and uplifting everyone was. The following Monday I walked into class and gave it a try. I fell in love! The family environment was something I never experienced before!” 


There is something powerful that happens when you workout alongside your spouse. We love what Rachel Cleek had to say about tacking a doozie of a workout alongside her husband Tommy…”About to get my ‘struggle unders’ on with the double under boss! Either way, taking the opportunity to get better today with our AWESOME fitness community.” 


We can think of countless other couples who hit the gym hard and grow together through breaking a sweat. If you’re looking for a way to strengthen your relationships (literally) and get closer with the ones who you love most, then consider inviting your family to the gym this season. And if your family lives far away, no fear! We’re confident you will gain a new gym family once you step through those doors. 

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