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How to set SMART Goals

Ever feel like you set a goal only to get lost in the process of actually achieving it? January 1st is when most of us sit down and think about our goals. We know WHAT we want to achieve but are not sure HOW to achieve it. 


Instead of simply writing down a New Year’s resolution this year, write down a resolution with a PLAN to back it up. 


We love using SMART goals to help steer us in the right direction. This handy acronym, we believe, identifies all the key strategies that can turn a goal into reality. Here’s what it stands for… 



Your goal must be specific in order for you to clearly envision yourself achieving it. Some examples could be “I want to lose 25 pounds by the first day of Summer.” Or, “I want to earn financial freedom by 2022.” Even if you know the goal is nuanced, boil it down to it’s bare bones. If you want to get super specific, try setting body composition goals. The numbers don’t lie! 



Make sure you can measure your progress while trying to meet your goal. This can look like setting “mini goals” throughout the year that act as stepping stones to your one big goal. For example, if you want to gain financial freedom in 2021, then set mini goals of saving a certain amount of money each month. When our goals are measurable, this also gives us greater motivation by experiencing more “small wins.” Instead of holding out to celebrate your success for an entire year, let yourself celebrate the small victories along the way. 



Your goal should be realistic. It should be something you know you have the time and resources to achieve. (And if you don’t have the time and resources, understand that you must CREATE the time and resources by getting up earlier, making sacrifices or reaching out to experts). It’s easy to say you’d like to achieve something. But making sure it’s actually possible…that’s the hard part! 



Think about how achieving this goal will benefit your life. If your goal is fitness related, then make sure you write down how your life will be when this goal is achieved. How will it affect your relationships? Your career? Your kids? All these questions will help you establish proof as  to why it’s so important to accomplish this one goal. (Plus, if you write down why your goal is relevant, this can serve as a GREAT reminder to look at for when you feel unmotivated!) 



Give your goal a deadline. Create a sense of urgency around it. When we feel the pressure of a deadline looming, we’re more likely to take action to meet it. Let someone else know about your goal, too, so you have added accountability. 



Whatever your New Year goal might be, know that the Tally Ho community is here for you. Now is the time to meet with a coach and let them know what you’d like to get out of your fitness this year. We would love to help hold you accountable and celebrate with you when 2022 rolls around! 

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