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How to Start with the End Game in Mind

Whether we realize it or not, within each of us is a burning desire to achieve something massive. When it comes to fitness, this could be to lose 100 pounds. Or, maybe it’s to run 100 miles. Whatever your big goal may be, it’s important to start your journey with this “end game goal” in mind. 


Start by identifying your goal. Sometimes it can be easy to fall into the trap of coveting other people’s goals. Take the time to think about what would truly bring YOU satisfaction to achieve. The beautiful thing about identifying an “end game goal” is it can be as big and crazy as you like. It should be a goal that might take you years to accomplish, so make it as massive as possible! 


Once you’ve identified your goal, begin consuming content that keeps that goal top of mind. This could look like following social media accounts of other athletes who have mastered your goal. Or, start listening to podcasts that nurture this goal in your mind — anything that keeps the dream alive! 


Once you’ve defined your goal and you’re weaving in daily motivation to help you clearly see the goal, it’s time to get to work. Develop a plan that’ll help you bight off “small chunks” of your goal. If your goal is endurance related, try waking up 30 minutes earlier every day to get in some extra training time. If your goal is nutrition related, start by cleaning out your kitchen and establishing small habits that’ll help you dial in your diet and see the number on the scale steadily go down (we recommend slow progress for this — slow means sustainable!) 


When the plan is set, it’s time to execute. Chip away at your goal and celebrate the small wins along the way — always keeping that big, “end game” goal in sight. Set small benchmarks for yourself so you know you’re making progress along the way. 


In summary, when starting with the end game goal in mind, you should…


  1. Identify your goal
  2. Consume content that speaks to your goal
  3. Put a plan in place
  4. Work the plan! 


It’s also always helpful to share your goal with a few trusted people. This could be a coach, a spouse or a friend who champions positivity. Ask them to check in on you regularly, and don’t be afraid to admit when you’ve slipped up. The path to meeting your goal will likely be jagged and full of big wins and big defeats. Just keep getting up! 

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