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Local Trails to Check Out This Summer

Summer is officially in full swing. Now is the season to lather on some sunscreen and supplement your workouts with some time outside. One of our favorite ways to burn extra calories while soaking in some sunshine is to get out and enjoy the trails. We rounded up a few of our favorite local spots (as well as some out-of-town adventures) for you to check out. Make sure to wear some durable shoes, pack some snacks, stay hydrated and tag us on social media with all your summer trail adventures! 


Duck River Trail

Located a short drive from downtown Cullman, Duck River is the perfect place for avid hikers, bikers and aspiring ultra-runners. With nearly 22 miles worth of single-track trails, Duck River is one of our favorite places to escape to. Wrapped around a 640-acre lake, this trail system offers both a beautiful view and a steady enough elevation to make it a perfect place for newbies and novice hikers alike. 


Hurricane Creek Park

If you yearn for adventure (and steep inclines), a day trip to Hurricane Creek Park needs to be on your summer to-do list. This 70-acre forested park features unique rock formations, waterfalls, hiking trails and more. Located just off Highway 31 South in Vinemont, Hurricane Creek Park is nestled in a 500-foot-deep canyon in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. A hike through Hurricane Creek can be as difficult or easy as you make it, depending on your route! Notable spots to visit include the Stairway to Heaven, Twilight Tunnel and Dead Man’s Squeeze. 


Sportsman Lake Park

Tired of walking the same neighborhood loop? Drive out to Sportsman Lake Park and enjoy some new scenery. Kid friendly and partially shaded, Sportsman Lake is the ideal place for a quick 5K (walk, jog or run it!) or a family picnic. 

Make a day trip to Birmingham:

If you want to venture an hour south, these trails are a must-see! 


Red Mountain Park

Named for the red clay it rests on, Red Mountain Park is a Magic City gem. With a plethora of trails in varying difficulty, Red Mountain is an ideal spot for a range of hikers, bikers and runners. Make sure to check out the trail maps and see some of the mines scattered throughout the park. This place is brimming with history! 


Oak Mountain State Park

One of central Alabama’s most celebrated trail systems, Oak Mountain State Park has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to get out on a paddle board or bike several miles, Oak Mountain has plenty of options. Make sure to arrive with a game plan of which trail you want to hike or what activity you want to take on. There are plenty of ways to get outside and break a sweat here! 


Ruffner Mountain

If you want to escape the hustle and bustled and be submerged in nature with limited disturbance, then check out Ruffner Mountain. Located a little ways outside of downtown Birmingham in Irondale, Ruffner Mountain is a less advertised, more remote trail option. You won’t find many large groups here — just a few folks looking to spend some quiet time in nature. 

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