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Tips for Creating a Solid Routine for the New School Year

If you’re a parent then you’ve likely recently plunged back into carpool lines, packing lunches and making sure your kids are clothed and out the door before 8 am. 


It’s officially a new school year — cue the chaos! 


With a new school year comes opportunity for new routines, though. Summertime is when we like to relax and maybe stay up a little later and sleep in. While this is great, it also makes us vulnerable to forgetting our health goals. For this reason, we love the predictability a new school year can provide. Now is the time to re-establish those sturdy routines. 


If you’re looking to rebuild your daily routines this school year, here are some tips: 


  1. Make a weekly menu

Take some time on Sunday to think about what you’re going to cook for the week ahead. This doesn’t have to be complicated and if you have several kids or a demanding job (or both!) take advantage of takeout and leftovers. We love the strategy of planning 3 meals for the week and making enough for leftovers so you can stretch those meals longer. As always, try to keep your plate balanced by choosing a healthy blend of proteins, carbs and fats. If you’ve participated in any of our macro challenges then this should be a breeze for you! 


  1. Go to sleep and wake at the same time every day (even on weekends!) 

Our bodies love predictability. Make it a point to establish a healthy bedtime and morning routine for yourself. Instead of letting the kids’ wake times determine yours, choose to rise an hour before the rest of the house. Use that time to get the coffee going, drink some water and maybe even have some quiet time just for yourself. The way we begin our days can greatly impact how the rest of the day will go. Equally as important as establishing a good morning routine is establishing a good nighttime routine. Power off electronics, pack your gym clothes for the next day and set the tone for the day ahead before you go to sleep. These little habits can compound into big successes to set yourself up for a smooth day. 


  1. Allow imperfection 

Spoiler alert — you’ll probably never have a “perfect” week. The kids will get sick, the laundry will sour and Karen from accounting will bring donuts and you’ll have a weak moment. And that’s alright. The important thing is that you get right back into your routine as soon as possible. Don’t let a bad day turn into a bad week. Allow for imperfection! Routines and habits should serve as daily guideposts that you strive to achieve. If you miss a workout or have an unplanned cheat meal, take a deep breath and start again tomorrow. 


You got this! 

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