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3 Benefits of Having an Accountability Partner

It may sound cliché and you’ve probably heard it a million times, but we weren’t designed to do life alone. Hardships, challenges, celebrations and milestones — these are all meant to be experienced together. And the same applies for the gym. 


One of the biggest benefits of joining a gym is the added accountability that comes with it. The act of working out together organically creates a shared experience. When you walk through the door at Tally Ho, you’re entering a community — a community committed to seeing you reach your goals physically and emotionally. 


Whether you’ve been working out with us for a while or are a new member, here are three reasons why we encourage you to create accountability partners — especially if you’re lacking accountability when it comes to your health goals at home. 


  1. Commitment

Having an accountability partner ensures commitment. When we tell others about our goals (like attending 3 workouts a week, running a 5K or sticking to our daily nutrition goals), we bring someone else into our “accountability fold.” If we slack on our goals, we’re not only letting ourselves down but also our accountability partner…and no one wants to own up to that! 


  1. Community

Along with the added commitment, accountability partners help us establish community. If your accountability partner is also a gym member, then they’re likely embarking on similar goals as you. Shared experiences innately make life more rich. When we find a partner or group of people who are committing to similar goals, we collectively become better. This is how great things happen! Look throughout history and you’ll find no shortage of instances when people came together for a common cause to create great things. 


  1. Celebration

Perhaps one of the best parts of having an accountability partner is gaining someone else to share in celebration when you meet your goals. Instead of silently celebrating alone when we finally get that pull-up or run that mile, we have an entire group of people celebrating our victory. And that feels pretty great. The celebration is two-way, too. When we get to see our accountability partners meet their goals, we get to share a little bit of their victory, too, since we were a part of their journey. 

We hope this encourages you to send a text, make a phone call and ask someone if they’ll hold you accountable to making a 5 am class, ditching the junk food at the tailgate…you fill in the blank! You got this. 

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