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Why Positive Perspective Matters

Forget big biceps and six-pack abs. Perspective is perhaps the most powerful muscle we have. When flexed regularly, perspective can take us from a place of negativity to positivity in seconds. When we choose to look at challenges with an open mindset, everything changes. It’s what gets us from running 400 meters to a mile. It’s the difference between a heavy lift and a PR. 


The first step to establishing a positive perspective is owning the idea that you are in control of your choices. You are in control of what you eat. You are in control of what time you go to bed. You are in control of getting into your car and driving to the gym. When we take ownership of our decisions, we take ownership of our life. And, once we have that ownership, we have the power to always choose positivity — even when it isn’t easy. 


If you want to cultivate a more positive perspective, consider analyzing the below three areas of your life. If you can master these domains, you’ll be more likely to wake up with positivity — ready to take on whatever the day has in store. 


Learn to build positive habits. 

You are the product of your systems. Creating positive habits is key to ensuring you get closer to meeting your goals every day. Begin to weave positive habits into your daily routine. The key is to make sure these habits are simple and easy to execute. An example could be filling up your water bottle before you go to sleep, so it’s ready for you to drink in the morning. Or, always using one hour of your Sunday to meal prep so healthy meals are readily available throughout the week. The more you successfully carry out positive habits, the easier it is for your brain to remember them and execute them. 


Choose positive environments. 

If you’re a member of Tally Ho, then you can put a check mark next to this strategy! Choosing positive environments has a powerful effect on perspective. When you’re around other people who are choosing to improve themselves, it’s only natural that you’ll want to do the same. Think about the last time you cheated on your diet or skipped a workout — where were you? Who were you with? It’s easy to slip up on your standards when you’re surrounded by temptation. Learn to replace negative environments with positive environments. Instead of going to that restaurant that has “that dish” you can’t resist, go someplace else that has healthier options. Skip the bar after work and go on a walk instead. The more times you repeat this behavior, the easier it’ll get. 


Seek positive content.

We live in an age of infinite technology. Thanks to the internet, information is always a click or swipe away. This can be both a good and a bad thing. If we’re constantly consuming information that’s negative, our perspective can become negative, too. However, if our social media feeds and television screens exude positivity, then our perspective becomes more positive, too. Take 10 minutes and do an audit of what kind of content you regularly consume. Who are you following on Instagram? How often are you reading polarizing news? Clean up your content and your perspective will benefit. 

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