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A Quick Guide to Post-WOD Nutrition

After a long day, it can be easy to reach for whatever’s in the cupboard or refrigerator for a quick snack. If you worked out, however, it’s best to reach for something that’ll help secure all those gains made in class! 

 Here are a few of our favorite post-wod snacks that can help you recover and refuel: 


  • Casein Protein. You may have heard a few of your coaches talk about casein (because it’s awesome!) This is a slow-digesting protein that works while you sleep. By slowly releasing protein back to your muscles, casein allows you to better recover from a tough workout. Try blending some casein with your favorite milk substitute and ice for a nighttime smoothie. Or, make some casein pudding and add in some low-sugar chocolate chips and whipped cream! 
  • A scoop of nut butter. If your nutrition is dialed in, a scoop of nut butter can taste like a little bit of heaven! Next time you go to the grocery store, check out their selection of nut butters. We’ve come a long way since the standard peanut butter. Almond, cashew — there are plenty of flavors to choose from. Check the label and opt for a low-sugar brand. 
  • A Protein Shake. Similar to peanut butter, protein shakes have come a long way in recent years. You can find plenty of great flavors from classic chocolate and vanilla to peanut butter, strawberry or cinnamon roll. Save a shake for the end of the day and get in that last pack of protein before bedtime. 
  • Assorted nuts and chocolate chips. Make your own guilt-free trail mix and save it for the end of the day. Portion out some nuts, chocolate chips and maybe some pretzels if your macros allow. Enjoy a few bites to round out your fats for the day! 

Whatever you choose to reach for at the end of the day, make it strategic. It’s easy to begin the day strong with a nutritious breakfast, but sometimes our will power fades after sunset. Have a plan and stick to it!   

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