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June- National Safety Month

We believe in practicing safety in the gym all year long, but this month specifically we want to shine a light on safety since it’s National Safety Month. 

Here’s a little context behind how June came to be National Safety Month… 


In 1996, the National Safety Council (NSC) established June as National Safety Month in the United States. The goal of Summer Safety Month is to increase public awareness of the leading safety and health risks that are increased in the summer months to decrease the number of injuries and deaths at homes and workplaces.


Especially living in Alabama, we can think of plenty of reasons why we should give extra attention to easy-to-miss safety protocol this month. 


Yes…we’re talking about the heat! Along with being safe in the gym and listening to our bodies, now is also the time to pay attention to the rising temperatures and what we can do to stay extra safe this Summer. 


Here are some of our top tips for how to stay safe this summer for #NationalSafetyMonth: 


  1. Stay Hydrated

No matter the season, staying hydrated is important. This is a simple way to avoid exhaustion and brain fog. Be sure to drink enough liquids throughout the day, as our bodies can lose a lot of water through perspiration when it gets hot out.


  1. Protect Your Skin

Ever experienced a bad sunburn or even sun poisoning? Yeah, it’s not fun. Liberally apply sunscreen all summer long and avoid sun damage (which can last way longer than just one season…) 


  1. Protect Your Eyes

Your eyes are just as important as your skin. If there’s an outdoor run in the workout, pack some shades. Choose sunglasses that block 99 to 100 percent of both UVA and UVB light.


  1. Watch Kids Around Water

With the lake nearby, chances are you’ll be cruising out on the water this month. If kids are in the mix, make sure to always have someone watching. A good trick is to have a designated person wearing a wristband or another reminder that they’re the one in charge of the kids. If they have to leave, then they pass on the reminder to someone else! 


  1. Stretch

Make time to stretch and recover after workouts. Allow your muscles, which might be extra fatigued from the heat, to get some rest before the next workout. 

How we’re giving back this month: 


As a way to give back, we’re using funds from our upcoming in-house competition to purchase an AED Machine for the gym! An AED or Automated External Defibrillator is a portable medical device that analyzes the heart rhythm of a person in sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). If necessary, the AED will deliver a shock to help the heart re-establish a correct sinus heart rhythm.

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