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5 Ways to Move Well and Move Often

Our bodies were made to move. At Tally Ho, it’s our goal to get every member to feel better and perform better in their body. This not only looks like cranking up the intensity in your workouts, but it also looks like taking the time to slow down and move intentionally. 


Here are 5 ways you can help yourself move well and often: 


  1. Stretch!


If you’re a gym rat, then you should also be a stretch rat. Working out and stretching should go hand in hand. Even on rest days, make some time to sink into a good stretch. Five minutes of stretching a day can go a long way! Try some of the movements we do in our cool downs or seek out a YouTube video. There are countless avenues for getting in a good stretch. 


  1. Do more low-impact movement 


Along with hitting the gym, try incorporating low impact movements into your exercise routine. This could look like walking, swimming or biking with the family. Creating balance in our routines allows are bodies to experience varied movements and intensity levels. Plus, you can always go for a walk — no equipment needed! 


  1. Focus on form


If you want to move well, then focusing on form is key. We love when our members take the time to truly understand the mechanics of a movement. By focusing on form, you’re allowing your body to get the maximum amount of benefit from the movement. Plus, this will likely help you master other movements along the way. 


  1. Listen to your body


If something is hurting or feels funny, stop and address it. Take the time to listen to your body and know when you’re not moving in the proper way. Chances are, you can eliminate pain by making small adjustments. 


  1. Stretch while you rest 


Next time you sink into a nice, long Netflix binge, pull out the yoga mat and sink into a nice, long stretch! Learning to stretch while you rest is a great practice. Think about releasing tension in your shoulders and relaxing facial muscles. Embrace a true state of relaxation while you let your mind rest. This simple act will allow you to rest and recover and come back to the gym with 100 percent in the tank. 

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