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5 Ways to Encourage Your Kids to Get Active this Fall

Just because school is back in full swing doesn’t mean your summer fun should end. If you had an activity-filled summer, there are ways to continue your adventurous lifestyle into the fall — even with school and all the other responsibilities you have to juggle! 


If you’re looking to encourage your kids to value movement and build the foundation for an active lifestyle, here are 5 tips to help you along the way: 


  1. Take advantage of the sidelines. 

If you have multiple kiddos, chances are you’re hauling the younger ones to the big kids’ football games, cross country meets, etc. Take advantage of the sidelines and encourage the little ones to ditch the iPad for a run around the track instead. Better yet, bring a football just for the little guy to throw and mimic big brother! 


  1. Meal prep with mom and dad. 

Include the kids on your Sunday meal prep when possible. If you’re cooking in bulk, get your little ones to help spoon out portions into containers. Or, let them in on your grocery list planning and turn a Publix or Walmart run into a scavenger hunt. Let them learn their way around the grocery store and locate items on the list! 


  1. Walk it out. 

Instead of turning to the TV for after dinnertime entertainment, encourage the whole family to get outside for a walk. Even if it’s just half a mile, that counts! 


  1. Burn off energy before bedtime. 

After a full summer of outdoor activity, your kids might have some built-up energy after a long day in the classroom. Burn off some energy before bedtime to wear the little ones out. This can look like a quick game of catch in the front yard or shooting hoops while the sun sets. 


  1. Lead by example. 

When in doubt, lead by example. Tell your children how great you feel after a workout, or bring them to the gym so they can see how staying active is a vital part of mom and dad’s life. Our kids are always watching us and what they see is what they know. When they see mom or dad investing in their health, the chances of them doing the same later in life greatly increases. 

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